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How do I delete a Wired Temperature Sensor or PEARL Economizer Controller?

Wired Temperature Sensors and PEARL Economizer Controllers that are no longer in use need to be deleted from the configuration of the thermostat they were connected to.

Make sure the device you want to delete has been disconnected from the thermostat. You will not be able to delete it until the device has been removed.

Navigate to the Thermostat Configuration for the thermostat that the Wired Sensor (TA1) or PEARL Economizer was previously connected to.

Select Signal Outputs at the bottom of the thermostat configuration page.

The Communications Status box shows all of the devices associated with the thermostat. If the unused device has been removed, a red circle with an “X” will be displayed indicating that the device is no longer communicating with the thermostat. To delete the unused device select the Trash Can Icon next to the device label and follow the instructions.