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How do I edit a multiple thermostat event scheduled?

Navigate to the Schedule Dashboard and open the calendar:

  1. From the main page of your app, select the blue button labeled Schedule Dashboard. 
  2. Select Show Calendar in the upper right hand corner of the Schedule Dashboard.

Type of Events:

There are three types of event schedules that will show on your schedule dashboard:

  1. Dark Green indicates an event shared across grouped thermostats.
  2. Dark Yellow indicates an event shared across thermostats that follow the same shared schedule.
  3. Dark Blue indicates an event that an individual thermostat follows.

Edit an existing event:

  1. Select the event you want to edit.
    • If you want to edit a shared event, select the dark yellow bar next to the shared schedule name.
    • If you want to edit a group event, select the dark green bar next to the group name.
    • If you want to edit and individual event, select the dark blue bar next to the thermostat name. 
  2. Once the event is selected, make all necessary adjustments.
  3. Select Done to save the changes.
  4. If you want to delete an event, select the Delete button.

Note: All shared events changes are pushed to thermostats once the event is saved or deleted on the calendar. It can take up to 30 minutes or more for shared events to be changed across each of your Pelican thermostats.