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How do I adjust my CO2 ventilation configuration?

Thermostat Configuration

The CO2 Ventilation configuration is found under a Thermostat Configuration page. This configuration defines when the thermostat will begin to increase the ventilation rate. 

This is not the same as setting a temperature set point. A temperature set point sets a target. The CO2 Ventilation configuration tells the thermostat when to begin to increase the ventilation rates because the room is now occupied by the number of people that require more ventilation to be supplied into the room.

Because the CO2 Ventilation configuration tells Pelican when to begin to ventilate more, we recommend leaving the setting at its default of 800PPM. This means that as the CO2 levels rise to 800PPM, Pelican will begin to increase the outside damper position in anticipation of people entering the room. If the CO2 level in the room continues to rise, Pelican will continue to increase the ventilation rate until either the configured Maximum Ventilation Position is met or the damper is at 100%; whichever occurs first. 

Why does Pelican recommend setting CO2 Ventilation to 800PPM?

It is common industry practice that if the CO2 levels in a room reach 1000PPM, the ventilation rate should be at a rate that helps keep the room at or below 1000PPM. Many vendors of ventilation controllers have two ventilation rate settings: the rate for when the CO2 level is below 1000PPM and the rate for when the CO2 level is above 1000PPM. Based on our data, Pelican has found that two ventilation rate settings does not provide the best approach to properly ventilating a room. 

If the goal is to keep CO2 levels at or below 1000PPM, the ventilation system should begin to provide more ventilation as the CO2 levels rise, in response to more people enter the room, instead of being too late because the system waited until the CO2 levels were already at 1000 PPM. 

Because of our theories, Pelican designed their system to dynamically adjust the ventilation rate as the CO2 levels rise. By setting the CO2 Ventilation to 800PPM, it allows Pelican to providing additional ventilation as people enter the room. This has shown to maintain better indoor air quality and energy efficiency in relation to the number of people in a room.

Adjusting CO2 Thresholds:

1. On your Pelican App, select Admin either at the bottom of the app or in the upper right hand corner.

2. Select Thermostat Configuration and find the thermostat you want to adjust the CO2 Ventilation for.

3. Under that thermostat’s configuration screen, scroll to the section labeled Temperature Settings and look for CO2 Ventilation.

4. The default CO2 Threshold is 800ppm. In the box to the right of CO2 Ventilation you can adjust the CO2 threshold setting between 400ppm and 2000ppm.

5. Once set, hit the back button in the upper left hand corner of your app and the new CO2 threshold setting will be pushed to that room’s thermostat.