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PowerOutput attributes allows you to change active statuses of the Power Control Module's relays. Each Power Control Module have five (5) output relays.

PowerOutput - Reserved versus User Defined Attributes

There are two types of attributes supported for “PowerOutput” objects. The first type are listed below , which are reserved and predefined. In addition to the predefined attributes, users can define, set and retrieve their own attributes. Any attribute name which is not reserved will be treated like a User Defined Attribute. Defining an new attribute is accomplished by setting its value through a SET request. Once SET, these attributes can be accessed using GET requests. There is no restriction on the number of user defined attributes or their values. User defined attributes can also be used as part of the selection criteria. For example, if the user wants to manage a group of devices through the API, they could define an attribute named “SpecialGroup” and SET its value to “Group1” for the power relays in the user's group. Then they could include “SpecialGroup:Group1;” in their selection criteria to only affect their special group of power outputs.

PowerOutput - Object Attributes

Attribute names are not case sensitive. Attribute values are case sensitive.

Name Values Settable Description
name String Yes The configured name of the output relay.
groupName String Yes The configured group name of the output relay.
serialNo String No The Power Control Module serial number.
output On, Off Yes The active output status.
setBy Station, Remote, Schedule No Indicates how the active output was set.
schedule On, Off Yes This is a Set only attribute and enables/disables the schedule.