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What should I set Reheat Type to?

This configuration is only available for sites that have Pelican Zone Controllers (Z8 or Z24) and thermostats that have System Type set to Single Duct Damper.

Reheat Type

This configuration is found under: Admin > Thermostat Configuration > “select any thermostat” > System Type set to Zone Damper > Zone Controller = “select the zone controller the thermostat communicates with” > Damper Settings > Reheat Type

None: If the thermostat is part of a multi-zone system but has no reheat to control.

Open/Close: The thermostat is controlling a Power-Open/Spring-Close or a Power-Open/Power-Close reheat actuator.

The thermostat should be wired to the reheat actuator as follows:

  • (W): Reheat rotates Open
  • (W2): Reheat  rotates Close

Floating: The thermostat is controlling a Floating reheat actuator. You will also need to set the following configurations.

  • Actuator Travel Time: Tells the thermostat how many seconds it takes for the reheat to rotate from full closed to full open.
  • Maximum Reheat Position: Tells the thermostat what position to place the reheat in when a reheat cycle is active

The thermostat should be wired to the zone damper as follows:

  • (W): Reheat rotates Open
  • (W2): Reheat  rotates Close
Electric: The thermostat is enabling an electric reheat. This configuration adds the additional logic that the thermostat will NOT enable the electric reheat until the damper is open and it receives fan enabled verification from the Pelican Zone Controller.


The thermostat should be wired to the electric reheat as follows:

  • (W): Electric Reheat Enabled
Fan Powered*: Tell the thermostat that it has a fan in the zone box and that it needs to enable a reheat.


The thermostat should be wired to the reheat as follows:

  • (W): Reheat rotates Open or Electric Reheat Enabled
  • (W2): Reheat rotates Closed
*When set to Fan Powered, Pelican Technical Support must assist in setting the correct Fan Control operations for the thermostat. Below are the available Fan Control options:
None: There is not Fan being controlled. If this is the case, then Reheat Type should NOT be set to Fan Powered.
Parallel: Tells the thermostat that during a reheat cycle it needs to keep its zone damper shut, enable the Parallel Fan and its reheat. The Parallel Fan will only run during a reheat cycle. This is because the zone box needs to pull air from the plenum (by running the parallel fan) during a reheat cycle versus pulling air from the primary air handler.
Series: Tells the thermostat that during either a cooling, central heating, reheat, or ventilation cycle it needs to open its damper and enable its Series Fan. This is because the zone box needs to pull additional air from the primary air handler during these cycles (common for low static mechanical systems or zones that are farthest down a long air handler supply duct/trunk).