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User object attributes allows you to obtain summary information from the User Management section of the Pelican App.

User - Object Attributes

Attribute names are not case sensitive. Attribute values are case sensitive.

Name Values Required Description
email String Yes/No The email address of the user if they are a native user of the site.
textEmail String No Email address to send text messages to.
emailNotifications On/Off No Whether the user should receive email notifications.
textNotifications On/Off No Whether the user should receive text message notifications.

Notification Settings
Notifications can be configured for registered users of a site or for email addresses or mobile phone numbers of people who do not have active logins.
The notification status of a registered user can be adjusted by selecting their email address and setting or getting their email and text message notification status.
Non-registered users
To set/get email notifications, select their email address and use the emailNotifications attribute.
To set/get text message notifications, select their text message email address which is carrier specific (ie and use the textNotifications attribute.