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Can I set a Pelican gateway for a static IP address?


Static IP Address Configuration Process

The gateway default is to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server, but can be set to use a static IP address.

Follow these directions to set a static IP address:

  1. Obtain a static IP address, a sub netmask, and a Internet gateway IP address for the network the gateway will be connected to (normally provided by your IT professional).
  2. Install the Pelican gateway on a network that allows for a DHCP connections.
  3. Complete the New Site Setup for that gateway.
  4. Contact Pelican Technical Support. You will need to provide them with the Pelican site name (web-app), the gateway’s serial number, and the static settings from step 1.
  5. Pelican Technical Support will apply these static settings into the gateway and restart the gateway.
  6. Once step 5 is completed, disconnect the gateway.
  7.  Re-install the gateway on the network it is statically assigned for.
  8. The gateway will automatically connect with your Pelican site (web-app) and you are good to go.