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What is MySites?

MySites is portal used by customers who access multiple Pelican Sites.

MySites is a portal where you can use a single sign on to see and navigate between all the individual Pelican sites you have access to. Individual Pelican Sites are where you manage the climate at the facilities where you have Pelican devices installed.

MySites also allows for a lot of other functions such as:

  1. Sharing My Sites
  2. MySites Shared Schedules
  3. Multi-Site Subscription Management
  4. Manage LTE Gateways

Sharing My Sites

When you have access to multiple Pelican sites, you might want to quickly share your access to these sites with other individuals in your organization. The Share My Sites feature allows you to provide other users access to all your sites through a simple user management portal.

MySites Shared Schedules

A MySites Shared Schedule works as a master schedule that can be shared to all of your Pelican Sites. It is a schedule that can then be applied to any Pelican Thermostat within these individual Pelican Sites. But, the only person who can edit this type of schedule is you, the MySites master. 

Multi-Site Subscription Management

If you are using Pelican’s optional Standard or Enhanced subscription across multiple sites, the MySites Subscription Management portal allows you to easily organize, set time-frames, and pay for these multi-site subscriptions through one portal. These subscriptions can be paid by Credit Card or against a Purchase Order.

Manage LTE Gateways

When you have a lot of Pelican sites, some of those sites might be using Pelican LTE cellular Gateways. From MySites you can view which sites have cellular gateways and if they are active or not.