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Why is a new thermostat not connecting?

When a thermostat is not connecting, the best place to start is looking at the symbols on the upper left hand corner of the thermostat's display to help troubleshoot the issue.

These symbols are the best identifiers to assist with why a thermostat might not be connecting:

  • O O (2 Dots) = Thermostat has found a Pelican Wireless Mesh Network, but is unable to communicate with the Internet. Click here for troubleshooting assistance.
  • X O (X with 1 Dot) = Thermostat cannot find a Pelican Wireless Mesh Network. Click here for troubleshooting assistance.
  • X (X with No Dots) = Thermostat is unable to communicate with its wiring module (WM500, WM700).

Note: If none of your thermostats are connecting, then this is normally an indication of the gateway not being able to reach the Internet. Click here for troubleshooting assistance.

Important: None of these symbols mean you have a bad Pelican thermostat.