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What do the colors mean on the Network Map?

The network map is only viewable by Admins.

Line Visibility on the Network Map

Checkboxes at the top of the Network Map allow you to show/hide network connection lines on the map.

This provides for ease of use when arranging icons and for network troubleshooting.

  • A Red checkbox on the far right allows you to show/hide red lines which indicate a connection that has been lost between devices. This will only appear if you have disconnected devices, and is always on the far right.
  • The Yellow checkbox allows you to show/hide yellow lines on the map which indicate a connection that has been reported, but has weak signal. This will appear on the right side, and only if you have weak connectivity between devices.
  • All other colors are for showing/hiding their corresponding lines on the map. Each individual gateway at your site is represented by a different color scheme. This is useful for determining what gateway devices are connected to.