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Can I pay for multiple site subscriptions at once?


Multi-site subscriptions are payable through your MySites portal. You must be both an Admin and have been provided subscription access to a site to pay and view the subscription.

Multi-Site Subscription Management

  1. Log into Pelican MySites. (
  2. Select the Menu icon in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Select Subscriptions.

Multi-Site Subscription Renewal

The subscription renewal portal provides you with subscription information for each site you are an Admin for. It also allows you to sort the sites and pay for one or multi-site subscriptions all at once.

Site Name (select header to sort sites by # – A – Z or Z – A – #): Shows each site you are an Admin for.

# of Devices: Shows how many thermostats are connected at each site.

Expiration Date (select header to sort sites by first expired – last expired or last expired – first expired): lists which sites are already expired and the dates other site’s subscriptions end.

Renew To Date (select header to set a date): Shows the date you selected to renew your site’s subscriptions to.

New Charge: Shows the costs per thermostat per year for each site to renew your subscription to the selected Renew To Date.

Renew?: You can select which sites you want to renew the subscription for.

Select Payment Type

Once you have set a Renew To Date and select the sites you want to renew, you can select to pay by Credit Card or PO/Check.

Credit Card

Pelican accepts all major credit cards for subscription payments. Once payment is submitted, the amount paid for each site will automatically be applied to the site’s Remaining Balance and a receipt will be emailed to the site Admin’s email address. 

Amount: This represents what you will be paying.

Card Holder Name: Enter the name shown on the credit card.

Card Number: Enter the credit card number.

CVC: Enter the credit card’s CVC number.

Expiration: Enter the credit card’s month and year expiration date.

Press Submit to process the transaction or Cancel to exit.

Note: We do not store any credit card information, all credit card processing is handled by Stripe™.


Selecting PO/Check provides you with an invoice to pay against. Once you fill out the requested information, you can print the invoice. 

Company Name: The company’s legal business name.

Address: The company’s street address.

City, State, Postal Code: The location the company does business.

PO Number: Enter the number provided by your accounting department.

Press Create Invoice to generate an invoice or Cancel to exit. It can take a few minutes for the invoice to generate depending on the number of sites you are paying subscriptions for. You can then print the invoice using by selecting the print icon in the upper right hand corner.

Note: You can always view, reprint, or delete existing invoices (explained below). Creating an invoice does not initiate a charge. You must send a check to pay the invoice.

Note: Subscription renewals will not occur until a check has been received and processed by Pelican’s accounting department.

View Invoices

From the subscription portal, select View Invoices in the upper right hand corner.

In this section you will be able to see any invoices, their related PO numbers, the date the invoice was generated, the amount the invoice was issued for, and the status (paid or unpaid).

View or Print an Existing Invoice: Select the three dots next to the invoice you want to view or print. Select View Invoice. It can take a few minutes for the invoice to generate. 

Delete Invoice: Select the three dots next to the invoice you want to delete. Select Delete Invoice. The invoice status will change to Deleted.