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What Outbound Ports Does A Pelican Gateway Use?

The Pelican Gateway establishes outbound connections using three ports: UDP/514, TCP/9742, and TCP/9800-11000


This port is for diagnostic and troubleshooting information.


This port is used from time-to-time to verify which Pelican cloud server the gateway should user for its primary data connection.


Each site is assigned a single (1) outbound port in this range to connect to its primary server.

This is dynamically assigned, however Pelican Technical Support can assign a single fixed port for the gateway to use.

Outbound connections only

Pelican does NOT require any Inbound connections. Because it only uses outbound connections, it can be placed outside of your firewall on an isolated network. Its only communication is out to Pelican’s cloud servers using AES 128-bit encryption standards.

Note: Outbound versus Inbound connections describe how two devices are able to connected from inside a building across the Internet to an external device.

Outbound connections are similar to how your computer reaches a website from inside the business. The computer creates a connection to a website (by you putting the websites URL into your browser). The website has no record of where you are located, because you made the connection. This is extremely secure because firewall’s do not care if internal devices are connecting to websites.

Inbound connections are similar to taking your computer home and having IT setup an allowance for you to use your computer to connect back into the business’s internal private network. The computer, at your home, needs to know how to find the business’s network. This also means that the business network’s firewall needs to allow external computers to connect into the internal private network.

Both of these connection approaches can be setup to be extremely secure. But, an Inbound connection requires IT support and special firewall configurations. Even with Inbound connections being secure, every Inbound allowance is considered a potential security risk.

Pelican’s goal is to eliminate all unnecessary security risks.