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How do I create unoccupied set point override periods?

1. Navigate to Schedule Dashboard

  1.  Select Schedule Dashboard on your main screen.

2. Manage Shared Schedules

Under the section Manage Shared Schedules either select Edit next to an existing shared schedule or select + Add to make a new Shared Schedule.

3. Set Repeat

Set the repeat to Daily, Weekly, or Weekday/Weekend.

4. Select a Day.

5. Create Set Times

Each schedule allows up to twelve (12) set times. When the local time reaches a set time, the thermostat will transition to that set time’s settings.

For temporary override allowances, you will want to create multiple set times that bring the thermostat back to the original setting.

Here is an example:

In this example, we are going to allow people to have temporary adjust periods after 7:00 PM. 

Every 2 hours, after 7:00PM, we are going to have the thermostat go back to the unoccupied temperature set points. This means that at 7:00PM, 9:00PM and 11:00PM the thermostat will be scheduled to go back to the unoccupied temperature set points.

Then at 12:00AM we are going to lock the thermostats, so no adjustments can be made until the next morning.