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How do I create an event schedule for a single thermostat?

Navigate to the thermostat's Event Calendar

  1. Navigate to the thermostat’s climate management page you want to add an event to. 
  2. Once you are at that thermostat’s climate management page, you will see a button labeled Events Calendar. 
  3. Select Events Calendar to access the thermostat’s event scheduler.

Create a new event schedule:

  1. Select + New Event.
  2. Name the new event.
  3. Set the time the event starts and the time the event ends.
  4. If the event repeats, select the repeat option and choose the repeat period that the event will repeat on.
    •  When you add repeat to an event, you will have a start date and an end date. If the event is indefinite, leave the end date set to None.
  5. Set the System mode and what temperatures you want the thermostat to go to when the event starts.
  6. You can also set your Fan to run in Auto mode or continuously (On) during the event.
  7. If you do not want anyone adjusting the thermostat during the event, set the Front Keypad to Locked. Otherwise, leaving it Unlocked means that adjustments can be made at the thermostat.
  8. Once you have your event configured, select Done to save the event.

Note: At the end of the event, the thermostat will revert back to using its normal schedule.