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Notification attributes provides current notification statuses generated at within a Pelican App. Notification statuses can also be changed through the Notification API.

Notification - Object Attributes

Attribute names are not case sensitive. Attribute values are case sensitive.

Name Values Settable Description
name String No The configured name of the device.
serialNo String No The device serial number.
type String No The type of Notification. See table below.
status Active, Cleared, Dismissed Yes The current notification status.
Note: The only set value accepted by the API is “Dismissed”.
description String No Readable description of the problem/notification.

Note 1 (status)

Initially notifications are defined as “Active”. Once the problem has been resolved at the device it will switch to “Cleared”. When the notification is “Dismissed” using the Web-App or the API it will be removed if it has already been Cleared. Otherwise it will stay Dismissed until the problem is resolved.

Notification Types

Notification Type Description
HVAC Cooling or heating failure.
Relay Wiring module or relay pack communication.
Remote Thermostat Wireless remote temperature sensor.
status The current notification status.
Note: The only set value accepted by the API is “Dismissed”.
Remote Device Wireless remote alarm or occupancy sensor.
Zone Controller Z8 or Z24 controller
Configuration New device requires configuration.
Temperature Outside safe temperature range.
Humidity Outside safe humidity range.
Gateway Gateway communications problem.
Unreachable The device is not communicating with the Internet.
Alarm Alarm sensor notification
Subscription Site subscription notification.
Supply Temperature Outside supply temperature safe range.
Economizer Economizer operation.
Lead Lag Flow problem.
PMS Communication with the hotel PMS.