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How do I copy an existing shared schedule?

1. Navigate to Schedule Dashboard

Select Schedule Dashboard on your main screen.

2. Manage Shared Schedules

Under the section Manage Shared Schedules select Edit next to the shared schedule you want to make a copy of.

3. Select Menu

In the upper right hand corner, select the Menu Icon.

4. Select Copy. . .

5. Name

In the pop-up, type in the name of the new schedule and then select Ok.

6. Make Changes

The app will bring you to the copied schedule’s setting page. You can either make changes or press the back button in the upper left hand corner.

7. Manage Shared Schedules

Under the Manage Shared Schedules section you will see the new schedule with the name you entered. You can edit the new schedule by pressing the edit button next to the name.

You can associate thermostats to use this new schedule in the Manage Thermostat Schedules section.