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What is the Subscription Renewal History?

You must be both an Admin and have been provided subscription access to a site to pay and view the subscription.

Subscription Management

  1. Log into your Pelican App.
  2. Select Admin.
  3. Subscription.

Subscription Renewal History

Expiration Date: This is the date you subscription expires.

Renewal History Tablet: Shows the month and year when one of the follow occurred:

  1. Monthly Charge – funds were deducted from your site’s Remaining Balance to pay for that month’s subscription.
  2. New Units – shows the number of new thermostats installed and how many funds were added to your site. (Each thermostat comes with $2.99 of funds).
  3. Paid Credits – funds were added to the site.

Remaining Balance:  Is the remaining amount of funds your site has. Each month these funds are reduced as your subscription period reduces towards the expiration date.