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What does end-of-production of the TS thermostat mean?

We will be ending the production of the TS thermostats on March 31, 2024. This allows us to focus production efforts and our solution offering around the already successful and forward-thinking TC thermostat series.

Will my TS thermostats still work, receive updates, and be provided support?

ABSOLUTELY! We are simply ending the production of the TS thermostats. All existing TS thermostats will continue to provide you with the functions you are use to and familiar with.  We will continue to provide support and firmware upgrades to all of our customers.

Are there differences between the TS & TC thermostats?

Yes, we have been producing the TS thermostats for over 10 years with very successful customer usage and retention. But, as you can imagine, in 10 years we have collected a lot of data and been working to take advantage of newly developed technologies.

With the introduction of the TC thermostat two years ago, we have been providing customers with significant technology advantages through enhanced hardware capability. This results in providing you with more significant learning algorithms and a longer product life-time than can be achieved with the TS thermostats.

A couple examples of the TC thermostats differences are:

  • 10X the Processing Speed
  • 32X the Memory
  • 200,000X the Storage Space
  • E-Ink High Resolution Display
  • Thinnest Profile on the Market
  • Reduced Installation Times by 1/2
  • More Intuitive User Interface
  • Dynamic Screen Views and Changes
  • Advanced Accessory Manager
  • More Short-Term and Long-Term Learning Algorithms
  • Enhanced Logic Loop Calculations for Advanced Applications
  • Additional Modulating Control Sequences
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • and more. . .

Which TS thermostats are impacted by the end-of-production?

All TS models are affected at the end of March 2024, including the TS200, TS200H TS250 and TS250H.

Does the TC thermostat replace all the TS thermostat models?

Yes, the available TC versions include:

  • TC1 – Temperature Only Thermostat
  • TC2 – Temperature & Humidity Thermostat
  • TC3 – Temperature & CO2 Thermostat
  • TC4 – Temperature, Humidity & CO2 Thermostat

Do the TC thermostats include Pelican's innovative limited wiring module?

Yes! All the TC thermostats offers the same limited wire installation benefits we invented for the TS thermostats. In fact, the TS thermostat’s limited wiring module is 100% backwards compatible with the TC thermostat, making transitioning to a TC thermostat very easy, if you want!

How much reduction in installation time has been seen with the TC thermostats?

Contractors have continually reported 1/2 of the installation time to install a TC thermostat in comparison to traditional thermostats. 

Some feedback on why the shorter installation time:

  • Backplate Wire Access
  • Robust Metal Framing
  • Jumper Wire Elimination
  • Compact  Footprint
  • Vertical Mounting Holes
  • Power Terminal Block Location

Are the TC thermostats compatible with existing Pelican hardware and wireless networks?

Yes! The TC thermostats works with all existing Pelican networks and Pelican hardware devices.