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What does the end of production of the TS model mean?

The TS Series thermostats will end production on March 31, 2024

Will my TS Series thermostats still work?

Yes, your TS Series thermostats will continue to function as they always have.  Pelican will always support the products we offer our customers.

Is the TC Series priced differently than the TS Series?

Yes, the TC line offers a significant advance in hardware capability resulting in a slight price increase.

  • The TC series provides a serious upgrade in technology, offering 10x the speed, 32x the memory, and 200,000X the storage of the TS Series.
  • An E-ink high-resolution display with the lowest thermostat profile on the market.  Meaning the thermostat blends into the wall, but still stands out when needed.

Which TS Thermostats are impacted?

All TS models will be discontinued at the end of March 2024, these include the TS200, TS200H TS250 and TS250H.

Will humidity and Co2 versions still be available?

Yes, the TC series currently offers replacements for each TS version including.

  • TC1 – Temperature only (replaces the TS200)
  • TC2 – Temperature and Humidity (replaces the TS200H)
  • TC3 – Temperature and Carbon Dioxide (replaces the TS250)
  • TC4 – Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide. (replaces the TS250H)

Will the TC come with the 3-wire limited wiring module?

Yes, the 3-wire module of the TC thermostat offers all the same installation benefits that the 3-wire module of the TS thermostat offered. Pelican removes the RC terminal and eliminates the need to add a jumper, reducing installation time.

How much reduction in installation time have been seen with the TC thermostat?

Most contractors are reporting that the TC thermostat takes a third of the time to install in comparison to traditional thermostats. This is due to a variety of factors: the increased backplate access, the robust metal frame of the backplate, the elimination of jumpers, and the compact design of the thermostat have all been key factors.

Are the TC thermostat compatible with existing Pelican hardware and wireless networks?

Yes, the TC thermostats will automatically connect to all existing Pelican wireless networks. They are compatible with all Pelican thermostat accessories. They are even backward compatible with the TS thermostat’s wiring modules.