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How does Pelican assist with freeze prevention?

What does Pelican do to assist in freeze prevention?

This depends on what Pelican devices are installed to control your HVAC unit.

Below are a few examples. If one of them does not match what you are looking for OR if you have more questions, contact Pelican Technical Support for further assistance.

Just a Pelican thermostat wired to an HVAC unit:

Low Outside Air Temp – Compressor Lockout

Pelican’s Compressor Lockout can be used to prevent have thermostats enable the compressors when the outside air temperature is below a configured value.

To use Compressor Lockout, an outside temperature sensor must be part of the overall Pelican Solution. The solution will automatically shares the single outdoor temperature to all your thermostat and a Compressor Lockout configuration will appear for each thermostat.

Note: You must set a Compressor Lockout configuration for each thermostat you want to have this feature enabled for.

A Pelican thermostat and PEARL wired to an HVAC unit:

Low Outside Air Temp – Compressor Lockout

Explained above.

Mixed Air Low Limit

With the outside air temperatures being low, if a cooling cycle becomes active, the PEARL will open the outside damper for an an economizer cycle. The PEARL automatically modulate the outside damper to maintain a mixed air temperature above the low limited temperature configuration (default = 56°F).

Low Supply Temperature Notification – During a Cooling Cycle

This configuration can be found in the Pelican Web-App > Admin > Thermostat Configuration > ‘select any thermostat‘ > Input Sensor > Function: Supply Temperature > Cool Safe Range.

The Cool Safe Range tells the thermostat that if the thermostat is in a compressor enabled cooling cycle, then if the supply temperature is not within the configured temperature range within 4 minutes after the compressors were enabled, to send a notification.

Because this is a range, if the temperature is below the configured range, then a low temperature notification will be sent.

Note: This configuration is only available if the thermostat has a supply temperature sensor wired to it.