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How do I edit an event scheduled for a single thermostat?

Navigate to the thermostat's Event Calendar.

  1. Navigate to the thermostat’s climate management page where you want to edit an event. 
  2. Once you are at that thermostat’s climate management page, you will see a button labeled Events Calendar. 
  3. Select Events Calendar to access the thermostat’s event scheduler.

Select the event you want to edit:

  1. Below the Event calendar you will see a list of all the events that occur that week. If you are looking to edit an event for a different week, select the left or right arrow above the calendar to change the week being displayed.
    • Note: You will only see the event on the calendar if the calendar is set for a week that event is scheduled to occur.
  2. Once you find the event you want to edit, select that event and make all desired adjustments. Then press the Done button and the changes you made will automatically be pushed to the thermostat.

Delete the event:

If you want to delete an event, follow the steps above, but instead of pressing Done, press the Delete button in the lower left hand corner of the event scheduler.

A popup will appear asking to confirm that you want to delete the event. Select Ok to delete the event.