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How can I Replace a Thermostat?

Install the new thermostat, but do not configure it

The replace feature described below will automatically copy the Name, Configuration, and History to the newly installed thermostat.

Navigate to Thermostat Configuration for the OLD thermostat you want to replace.

Pelican devices which have been replaced need to be deleted from your Pelican Site Manager. Most devices can be deleted by an administrator by navigating to the device’s configuration page and selecting the “delete” button in the upper right hand corner.

Delete or Replace

A menu will be displayed and you can either Delete or Replace the thermostat.

When you select Replace you will be shown a list of serial numbers for thermostats that were added to your site in the last two weeks. Select the serial number of the new thermostat that is replacing the one you are about to delete. Once the serial number has been selected the system will update the new thermostat and then it will delete the old thermostat.

Using a deleted thermostat at another site

Deleted thermostats will be automatically de-linked from the site they were deleted from in the middle of the night and can be re-used at another site like a new thermostat. Note that if the thermostat was configured as a zone damper, and the new site does not have zone controllers, contact Pelican Wireless Tech Support to perform a full factory reset.