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How do I add an additional gateway to my existing site?

You must be an Admin of the site to add a new gateway.


You can only add a gateway to an existing site if the gateway has not already been setup for its own Pelican site. If you need further assistance or you need to merge two existing sites, contact Pelican Technical Support.

Site Settings

  1. Log into your Pelican App.
  2. Select Admin.
  3. Select Site Settings.


  1. Select the area right below Gateways.
  2. Press the + button to the bottom right.
  3. Enter the new gateway’s serial number.
  4. Press Save to continue or Cancel to Exit.

Once you save the new gateway to your site, all Pelican devices that communicate to that gateway will automatically show up as devices for the site.

You can now delete the old gateway from the site.