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SharedSchedule - Object Attributes

SharedSchedule attributes list and allow you to set shareable schedules for thermostats. Attribute names are not case sensitive. Attribute values are case sensitive.

Name Values Settable Description
name String Yes The configured name of the thermostat.
scheduleRepeat String Yes The schedule repeat. For “Daily” only the “Sunday” dayOfWeek will be used. For “Weekday” the “Sunday” schedule will be used on weekends and the “Monday” schedule will be used for weekdays. For “Weekly” all days of the week are used.
dayOfWeek Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Vacation Yes The day of the week for this schedule set time.
setTime Integer Yes The indexed set time for this schedule entry.
startTime String Yes The time of day (24 hr format) for this schedule entry
system Auto, Heat, Cool, Off Yes The system mode.
heatSetting Integer Yes The heat setting.
coolSetting Integer Yes The cool setting.
fan Auto, On Yes The fan setting.
keypad On, Off Yes The keypad setting.
delete None Yes Delete the specified schedule entry.
deleteAll None Yes Delete the schedule for the entire day.
scheduleDelete None Yes The entire schedule will be deleted.