Why is my thermostat waiting?

A thermostat indicating waiting is a standard function of the Pelican solution.

Waiting means the thermostat has a heating, cooling, or ventilation request and is waiting to get confirmation  from another Pelican device that the cycle it needs has become active. 

Most commonly a thermostat is waiting to get confirmation from a Pelican zone controller (Z8 or Z24) that it can open is zone damper because the cycle the thermostat needs has become active. A thermostat might also be in waiting until it gets confirmation that there is waterflow (water-source heat pumps) or that a boiler or chiller are enabled (2-pipe or 4-pipe fan coils).

Note: Waiting does not mean the system is not working. This is a standard function of your Pelican solution.

If the thermostats is in waiting for longer than an hour:

You will want to contact Pelican technical support to evaluate the reason, but here are some reasons if might be in waiting:

  1.  Thermostats are unable to communicate with their zone controller (Z8 or Z24). This is most commonly due to the zone controller’s antenna not being installed in an ideal location or a wiring related issue. In rare situations, such as a site with multiple gateways, the zone controller could be on a different network from the thermostats and Pelican technical support will need to place them on the same network. Click here to check which zone controller a thermostat is connected to. Click here to identify if a zone controller is having wireless communication issues.
  2. Thermostats are unable to communicate with their power control modulate (PM5-120/240). Thermostats that are interlocked with power control modulates are only able to be managed by Pelican technical support. You will want to contact the Pelican support team for further assistance. Click here to get some recommendations on how to troubleshoot a power control module.