How do I share schedules between multiple rooms?

Schedule Dashboard

The Schedule Dashboard provides you with the ability to manage shared, individual, and event schedules all from one portal.

  1. Login to your Pelican App.
  2. Select Schedule Dashboard.

Create a new shared schedule:

  1. Select the Add New + under Manage Shared Schedules.
  2. Name the new schedule and select Save.
  3. Set the schedule to the correct Repeat (Daily, Weekday/Weekend, Weekly). Click here for more information on the different repeat options.
  4. Select the day or day range you want to add a schedule for.
  5. Create new set times and edit those times to what you want the thermostats to do at each time.
  6. Once you have completed setting up your new schedule, select the back button in the upper right hand corner.
  7. The new Shared Schedule will show up on the Schedule Dashboard under Manage Shared Schedules and can be edited at anytime.

Sharing a shared schedule with thermostats:

  1. All your groups and the thermostats in those groups are shown under Manage Thermostat Schedules. You can expand or retract groups by selecting the arrow next to the group name.
  2. Select the drop down menu next to each thermostat to add that thermostat to a shared schedule.

Note: If you select the shared schedule, then go back to the same thermostat and set its schedule to customer – the thermostat’s custom schedule will have a copy of the shared schedule in it.

Note: Once thermostats are connected to a shared schedule, if you change the shared schedule’s set times, all the thermostat will automatically be pushed the new schedule.

Note: All schedules are pushed and stored internal to each thermostat.