How does Pelican calculate Usage Graphs runtime, cost and energy?

By tracking thermostat run-time and calculating energy usage and cost:

Each time a Pelican thermostat enables a heating or cooling cycle it records how long it had that cycle active. This run-time is converted into Kwh or Therm/BTU usage (which is calculated based on the configured Power Consumption for that thermostat). This energy usage is then multiplied by either the site’s configured Cost per Kwh or Cost per Therm to record how much it cost you to run that HVAC cycle.

All this information (run-time, energy usage, and cost) can be viewed on your Pelican Usage Graphs.

Note: Your Pelican Usage Graphs are designed to help you identify how much energy and costs are associated with running all or individual HVAC units. This is to assist in finding best practices in reducing energy consumption. Pelican is not designed to replace or represent your actual Utility bills.