Does Pelican track any critical or private information or data?


The Pelican solution does not track or store any critical data. In fact, your Pelican solution does not store or have access to anything that can be used to create a relationship between you and the data stored by Pelican.

What does Pelican track?

  1. The name chosen for the Pelican site (web-app). This name is normally related too, but is not directly correlated with the actual business’s name.
  2. The site zip code. No address is allowed to be added or stored in Pelican.
  3. Temperature data. This data is associated to each Pelican devices recording that temperature and their associated device name.
  4. Device configurations. This is stored both for functional purposes and as a back-up incase they need to be restored.
  5. Device sequences. IE: Did a thermostat turn on cooling? How long did it run? Was the fan enabled?
  6. If a configuration, temperature, or schedule was changed through the web-app (manually or by a schedule).
  7. If a change was made at the thermostat.