Does a Pelican gateway use a DHCP or static IP address?

Either work. The default is DHCP.

DHCP IP Address

The gateway is factory configured to obtain its IP address using DHCP.

Static IP Address

The gateway can be set to use a static IP address.

Follow these directions to set a static IP address:

  1. Obtain a static IP address, a sub netmask, and a Internet gateway IP address for the network the gateway will be connected to (normally provided by your IT professional).
  2. Install the Pelican gateway on a network that allows for a DHCP connections.
  3. Complete the New Site Setup for that gateway.
  4. Contact Pelican Technical Support. You will need to provide them with the Pelican site name (web-app), the gateway’s serial number, and the static settings from step 1.
  5. Pelican Technical Support will apply these static settings into the gateway and restart the gateway.
  6. Once step 5 is completed, disconnect the gateway.
  7.  Re-install the gateway on the network it is statically assigned for.
  8. The gateway will automatically connect with your Pelican site (web-app) and you are good to go.