How do I pay for my site’s subscription?

You must be an Admin of the site to pay the subscription.

Subscription Management

  1. Log into your Pelican App.
  2. Select Admin.
  3. Subscription.

Pelican Subscription Management

Thermostats Installed: This is the number of thermostats connected to your site.

Annual Rate Per Thermostat: This is the cost (per thermostat per year) to renew your subscription.

Remaining Balance: This shows the remaining amount of funds your site has. Each month these funds are reduced as your subscription period reduces. This can be seen under Renewal History.

Note: If your remaining balance is negative, then if you pay within 6 months of your site’s expiration date, the app will automatically restore all historical data and the features from before the expiration date. If it has been more than 6 months since the expiration date, you can pay the subscription and send a request to Pelican Technical Support to re-cover your past historical data (all the features will automatically be restored). If you do not want past historical data restored, contact Pelican Technical Support and they can remove the negative balance. You can find the Expiration Date under Renewal History.

Renew Subscription

Number of Years: Type in the number of years you would like to pay for.

Amount to be Added to Site: This dollar amount represents what you will owe. (Number of Thermostats Installed (X) the Number of Years (+) Any Negative Balances).

Check Out: Once you have typed in the number of years you would like to pay for, select the Check Out button.

Check Out

Pelican accepts all major credit cards for subscription payments. Once payment is submitted, the amount paid will automatically be applied to the site’s Remaining Balance. A receipt will be emailed to the site Admin’s email address. 

Amount: This represents what you will be paying.

Card Holder Name: Enter the name shown on the credit card.

Card Number: Enter the credit card number.

CVC: Enter the credit card’s CVC number.

Expiration: Enter the credit card’s month and year expiration date.

Press Submit to process the transaction or Cancel to exit.

Note: We do not store any credit card information, all credit card processing is handled by Stripe™.