What is Fixed Enthalpy Limit?

When fixed enthalpy is enabled for a PEARL, Z8 or Z24:

The device will not start an economizer cycle if the outside enthalpy levels exceed 28 BTU/lbs or, at higher elevations, are below the calculated enthalpy at 75°F and 50% relative humidity at that elevation.

What are the configuration options?

No (default): Enthalpy is not enabled.

Yes: Enthalpy is enabled.

How does the Pelican economizer controller know the outdoor enthalpy levels?

When you configure your Pelican web-app it asks for the zip code or postal code for your location. The devices uses that information to know where they are installed and to receive outdoor air saturation (humidity) and barometric pressure levels. The device uses its local outdoor dry-bulb temperature reading, in combination with the outdoor air saturation and barometric pressure levels to calculate local enthalpy.

This configuration can also be found and changed in the Pelican Web-App > Admin > Site Settings > Location.

Why does Pelican use the Internet versus installing a local enthalpy sensor?

When testing outdoor enthalpy sensors, Pelican found that their failure rates were high due to the dust, grease, and other particles that are found where these enthalpy sensors are normally installed at HVAC units. To prevent inaccuracies, Pelican opted to use the Internet because this data comes from reliable sources where the equipment is always maintained and properly calibrated.