What is High Limit Shut Off?

High Limit Shut Off restricts starting an economizer cycle when the outdoor temperature is at or above the configured temperature.

This configuration can be found in the Pelican Web-App > Admin > Thermostat Configuration > ‘select any thermostat‘ > Economizer > High Limit Shut Off.

Configuration options and their meanings:​

Auto (default): This allows the thermostat and PEARL to dynamically decide when to and when to not allow an economizer cycle. It tells the PEARL to restricts an economizer cycle based on the Activation Differential configurations and not on a high temperature limit

For example, if the thermostat’s cool-to setting is set for 72°F, the room temperature is 80°F, the activation differential is 2°F, and the outdoor temperature is 75°F; then an economizer cycle will be allowed to cool the room. (Note: a mechanical cooling cycle might be enabled with the economizer as well). 

Allowable Settings: Auto, or any temperature from 0°F to 180°F. To set to Auto, you can just leave the configuration field empty.