What is Compressor Lockout?

Each thermostat has a configuration called Compressor Lockout*.

Compressor Lockout can be used to prevent the compressors from turning on based on an outside temperature.

*Note: The Compressor Lockout configuration is only available if your Pelican Solution has an outside temperature sensor part of the overall system. You will need to send a request to Pelican Technical Support to add this configuration to your thermostats. Once the configuration is set, the system automatically shares a single outdoor temperature to all thermostat to be used for Compressor Lockout.

This configuration can be found in the Pelican Web-App > Admin > Thermostat Configuration > ‘select any thermostat‘ > Thermostat Operation > Compressor Lockout.

What are the configuration options?

Blank (default): If left ‘Blank’ then the thermostat will not use outside Compressor Lockout.

0 – 100°F: If set to any temperature between 0 and 100°F, then the thermostat will not enable the compressor once the outside air gets below this temperature.

Can this be used for Heat Pumps with Auxiliary/Secondary Heat?

Yes. To prevent your Pelican thermostat from turning on your Heat Pump’s compressor(s) when it is extremely cold outside, you can use Compressor Lockout. When the outdoor temperature is below the configured temperature, the thermostat will switch to using the secondary heating source as its primary source and will keep the Heat Pump’s compressor(s) disabled.

Can this be used to keep compressors off when economizer is active?

Yes. Although this is already a function of the Pelican PEARL economizer controller, in some situations customers use Compressor Lockout to prevent the compressor’s from being turning once the outside air is below a certain set point to force economizer only activity.

Note that this only works if you are using a Pelican PEARL economizer controller and will not work with a third-party economizer controller.