What are normal humidity levels?

We are most comfortable when a room’s relative humidity is between 30 and 50 percent, since these humidity levels still allow for good evaporation levels, but the room is not dry enough to dry out our skin.

Pelican monitors and controls to a room’s relative humidity (RH) level because the amount of water air can hold adjusts as the room’s temperature changes. For example, warmer air can hold “more” water than colder air, so the percentage of water the air is able to hold, adjusts as the room becomes colder or warm. This is important because the amount of water the air can hold directly affects how comfortable we are in that space since we use evaporation (sweating) to maintain our body temperatures.

Interesting note, relative humidity is not the actual amount of water in the air, but the relationship between how much water the air can hold at its current temperature.