How do I adjust a room’s CO2 threshold?

Because the thermostat’s CO2 Threshold is used to provide proper ventilation to a room, this is not a general setting on your Pelican solution. Instead, this is a configured setting, which will be found under the Admin and Thermostat Configuration sections.

1. On your Pelican App, select Admin either at the bottom of the app or in the upper right hand corner.

2. Select Thermostat Configuration and find the thermostat you want to adjust the CO2 Threshold for.

3. Under that thermostat’s configuration screen, scroll to the section labeled Temperature Settings and look for CO2 Ventilation.

4. The default CO2 Threshold is 800ppm. In the box to the right of CO2 Ventilation you can adjust the CO2 threshold setting between 400ppm and 2000ppm.

5. Once set, select the back button in the upper left hand corner of your app and the new CO2 threshold setting will be pushed to that room’s thermostat.