What does the Outside Ventilation setting do?



The room’s Outside Ventilation settings tells Pelican if it should or should not be providing ventilation to that room. When this schedulable configuration is set to ON the Minimum Ventilation rate will be active for that room. When this configuration is set to OFF the Minimum Ventilation rate will disabled, but the thermostat will still maintain the room’s temperature by turning on the Fan, Heating, and/or Cooling functions of your HVAC unit.

When do I ventilation and when might I not?

This is entirely up to you and highly depends on how each room is used. General purposes spaces (offices, classrooms, lobbies, conference rooms, or the like) are common areas where Minimum Ventilation is required during occupied hours, but ventilation can be reduced to zero during unoccupied hours. It is also highly recommended that you ventilation 2 hours before the building becomes occupied and continue ventilating for two after the building becomes unoccupied. The Outside Ventilation option in your Pelican solution allows you to easily schedule when ventilation is active and when it is not for both health safety and energy efficiency. To find more information on ventilation requirements, reference your local ventilation codes or contact your HVAC Contractor.