Is there a supply air low temperature alarm?


We recommend adding a third-party freeze stat if one is required for your application.

What does a Pelican PEARL do?

Mixed Air Low Limit

When an economizer cycle is active, the PEARL will modulate the outside damper to prevent the mixed air temperature from dropping below the low limited temperature configuration.

Low Outside Temperature Compressor Lock Out

Compressor Lockout can be used to prevent the compressors from turning on based on an outside temperature.

Note: The Compressor Lockout configuration is only available if your Pelican Solution has an outside temperature sensor part of the overall system. The system automatically shares a single outdoor temperature to all thermostat for Compressor Lockout.

Provide Low Supply Temperature Notification

This configuration can be set in the Pelican Web-App > Admin > Thermostat Configuration > ‘select any thermostat‘ > Input Sensor > Function: Supply Temperature > Cool Safe Range.

The Cool Safe Range tells the thermostat that if the thermostat is in a cooling cycle (compressors are enabled) and the supply temperature is not within the configured temperature range within 4 minutes after the compressors were enabled, then to send a notification.

Because this is a range, if the temperature is below the configured range, then a low temperature notification will be sent.

Note: This configuration is only available if the thermostat has a supply temperature sensor wired to it.