What is Cool Range?

Cool Range sets how far up and down the thermostat allows its cool set point to be placed.

For example, a 70°F to 80°F cool range means the thermostat will allow its Cool set point to be set from 70°F at its lowest and 80°F at its highest.​

What are the configuration ranges?

Lowest: -20°F

Highest: 99°F

What should I set my cool range too?

When setting the cool range it is important to limit the lowest cool set point, while it is not that important to limit the highest cool set point. 

This is because the lower the cool set point, the colder the occupant can adjust the thermostat and the longer the unit will run cooling. While the high side allows the cool set point to be set higher, which means cooling will not run until the room reaches the higher setting.

We do not have an opinion on how you set this, but we are always available to assist.

Can I schedule the thermostat to set its cool set point beyond the cool range?

Yes. Scheduled cool range restrictions are setup under the Default Thermostat Configuration. To make adjustments to this configuration, select Admin > Thermostat Configuration > Default Thermostat Configuration > Temperature Settings > Cool Range.