What is shelter-in-place?


In an Emergency Situation the Pelican Solution provides site Admins with a Shelter-In-Place section where they can either Set All Thermostats to Off or Prevent Outside Ventilation. These feature should only be used during emergency situations.


Emergency events are unpredictable. All emergency actions should be routinely checked and practiced to confirm proper operation. Pelican Shelter-In-Place is designed to assist in emergency shutdown situations and is not guaranteed to work correctly if it has not been routinely checked.

Set All Thermostats to Off

For more information on Set All Thermostats to Off, click here.

Prevent Outside Ventilation Overview

When would I use Prevent Outside Ventilation?

How do I get to Shelter-In-Place?

What steps do I take to enable Prevent Outside Ventilation?

How do I know if Prevent Outside Ventilation is enabled?

How do I restore my system back to normal?

How do I prepare for future Prevent Outside Ventilation events?