How do I change my site type?

You must be an Admin of the site to change the Site Type.

Site Settings

  1. Log into your Pelican App.
  2. Select Admin.
  3. Select Site Settings.

Site Type

  1. Select the drop down menu next to Site Type.
  2. Select the type of site you want the set this facility as.

Site Type Meanings

  1. Business (most common): This indicates the facility operates as a commercial property.
  2. Residential – This indicates the facility is a single family home.
  3. Hotel – This indicates the facility operates as a hotel and has a Pelican PMS Interface is installed. This would normally be a hotel where Pelican is installed in guest rooms, not just the common areas.

When should I set my Site Type to Hotel?

Setting a site as Hotel affect your subscription cost because it puts you into the Enhanced Subscription tear.

This is because in a Hotel, where Pelican is installed in the guest rooms and is connected to the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS), the solution adds an additional sequence that automatically save energy in hotel guest rooms when they are vacant. This automated logic has an additional subscription cost associated to it.

Note: If you are only using Pelican to control the common areas of the hotel (and not the guest rooms), you will want your site to be set to Business.