How do I delete an existing shared schedule?

1. From the main page of your Pelican app, select the blue button labeled Schedule Dashboard.

2. Under the section Manage Shared Schedules select Edit next to the shared schedule you want to delete.

3. In the upper right hand corner of the schedule screen, select the Menu icon.

4. Select Delete. . .

5. A pop-up will appear to confirm you want to delete the schedule.

6. Select Ok to delete the schedule. Select Cancel to not delete the schedule.

7. If you delete the schedule it will disappear from the Manage Shared Schedule section of your schedule dashboard. Thermostats the followed the deleted shared schedule will revert to following their own custom schedule. The custom schedule will be identical to the deleted Shared Schedule. To disable the schedule you can select those thermostats and set their schedule to Off. Or if you want to change which schedule you were following, go to the thermostats on your schedule dashboard and select a different shared schedule.