Why are all my thermostats unreachable, but my gateway is active?

If all your thermostats are unreachable, but your gateway is active, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:


Please contact Pelican Technical Support before sending a warranty requesting or replacing a gateway. For those extremely rare situations where the gateway does need to be replaced, we can assist with important steps you must take before installing the replacement gateway.

Check the lights:

Always start with checking the gateway’s lights to verify if there are any connection issues. Both the LAN and INTERNET lights should be solid green.

Click here for more information on what the gateway lights indicate.

Make sure the gateway is installed in a proper loction:

  1. NEVER install the gateway and place it on the ground, on a server rack, on a desk, on any other flat surface, or next to a WiFi router. The gateway should always be mounted on a wall, as high as possible, and away from any metal objects which will block the gateway’s wireless signal.
  2. Make sure the gateway is NOT installed in a metal box or room and verify the room is NOT made out of solid concrete. Wireless cannot communicate out of metal and solid concrete reduces wireless signal strength.
  3. Make sure the gateway is installed central to your other Pelican devices. Although this is not required, it does enhance the number of wireless routes from the gateway into your Pelican mesh network. This is ideal to help provide multiple routes between devices, to the gateway, and out to the Internet.

Note: If none of these troubleshooting procedures help, contact Pelican Technical Support.