Maintain indoor air quality and safety in your building with Shelter-in-Place – a Pelican Web App feature that allows you to disable your HVAC system, or shut off outside air during a poor air-quality event.

Disable your entire HVAC system at the touch of a button

View the Shelter-in-Place status of all your Pelican devices and sites, directly from the Pelican Web App

Close off outside ventilation containing hazardous air

Restore your sites to their original settings quickly and easily

Who should use Shelter-in-Place?

Shelter-in-Place is available to all Pelican customers, and while it applies to any commercial building, it is most relevant to buildings that are located in close proximity to:

Industrial facilities

Refineries or manufacturing facilities that may experience chemical leaks

Extreme weather

Regions that experience extreme weather events, such as bushfires or snowstorms

How to use Shelter-in-Place

Pelican has made implementing a Shelter-in-Place event a quick and easy process through the Pelican Web App, with the touch of a button.

Download the Shelter-in-Place Technical Brief to find out how to prepare for and implement a shelter-in-place event in your building.