How Data Driven Decisions Led to a Refreshing Approach to Climate Management

OCT 18, 2019

There’s no doubt that data has become a main driving force in improving our daily lives. Data helps provide greater convenience to: get to where we need (ride sharing), find answers to our questions (search engines), access more products (online retailers), and drive hands-free (self-driving technologies). The technology companies who focus in these data driven fields use intelligent aggregation to make solutions more relevant to our needs and convenient to our daily lives. This same concept has and is used by us, Pelican Wireless, to develop and enhance the commercial climate market.

Climate management is not a new concept. In most of the world humans would not comfortable live and work if indoor climates were not able to be managed to individual standards. And there are a wide breath of solutions developed by great organizations, with each incorporating years of experience and have been employed in tens of thousands of locations. 

As a technology innovator, we knew entering an established industry would require extreme innovation. There is no room or value to create an identical solution to what is already offered by others. Instead we had to take a fresh approach, indifferent to the industry “believes,” and become a new force in climate management practices. Each piece of the Pelican equation differentiates our solution. But, this article is on data. So why is data so important?

Why is data important?

All industries build standards which are used as best practices to equal success. Most standards are created through empirical evidence, or by human senses (observation) and human documentation of patterns. This same time-proven approach, observer and document, is the basis behind data aggregation. In data intelligence (DI) we utilize time proven standards to compare a mass index of data to these standard principles of solving everyday problems. In our industry, we incorporate standard climate management algorithms and comparing them to real-world results. This includes, but is not limited too: space temperatures, human interaction, building warm-up or cool-down, space temperature deviations, etc. 

To create real-results it requires a solution which is able to pull and store the highest amount of data, across the most amount of time, an the most amount of sectors. The Pelican solution is a first of its kind in doing this. Most systems are limited in how much data they can store due to their on-site serve based front-end. An on-site server is similar to your personal computer. It has limited storage, limited processing capability, and cannot store or compute at speeds needed to find trends in a mass amount of data. With Pelican we built our architecture on cloud-servers. These provides our clients with a vast number of benefits, with one being their ability to always know what is and was going on across their entire building. This same data or customers benefit from, allow us to continue to improve our algorithms and implement new algorithms the industry is not use to. This does not guarantee a perfect environment, but it does guarantee life-long improvement for existing and new Pelican customers. As our founder always says, “We do not believe we are smarter than the industry, but we do have more data than anyone else!” This advantage is huge in the game of comfort. Everyday it teaches us new lessons about our market, our customers, and how climate management can be improved.

What data teaches us

Climate management is not simple, the data has spoken. But, it is also not complex. . . Yes, its an oxymoron, but jumbo shrimp is also available in yours and everyone else’s supermarket, so we must be onto something here.  

Over the past ten years, Pelican has been installed in hundreds of thousands of locations, in every US climate, and in thousands of different types of commercial building. Each buildings has a different need based on their operations, each site has different loads based on their geographical location, and there is no such thing as a standard mechanical design when it comes to commercial HVAC. We can imagine how difficult climate management is and how versatile a solution must be to accommodate such a wide variance of demands.

A lot of climate management organizations spend millions designing and building labs to test their control algorithms. This approach is honorable but, no matter how much money is spent on labs, it can never incorporate every known and unknown variable that affects indoor climate. The solution to this problem, build products which allow a network of trained professionals to customize each system to their client’s buildings’ environment. A solution which works, but is also extremely expensive. This approach limits access to climate management and most commercial buildings (80%) are priced out of gaining better control over building comfort and their energy costs.

The Pelican solution started with a need to continuously understand and be updated on indoor climate trends. We new that with this information we could continue to improve the intelligence within our hardware, automatically. This approach is focused on the 80% of buildings which are not complex, but still deserve access to an advanced climate management solution.

We recognize that there will always be buildings which require customized climate solutions, but there are thousands of companies ready to meet this market, you will just need to pay the price. Our approach open a new sector, a larger, an under-served (or not served at all) sector, to the same benefits, at a fraction of the cost. Refreshing is defined as “reinvigorating” something. We will let you decide if this feels reinvigorating.

Where we are now

With hundreds of thousands of implementations, in every seemingly type of commercial building/environment, we have developed and continue to enhance a game changing climate management solution. But, our job is never complete. When you implement Pelican, your are investing in the future of climate management; an appreciation that is to great to show. But, from our end of this partnership, we are also now invested in your life-long success. From day one, you gain a solution developed on the faith of others who decided to install something new. And unto the future, you are going to continue to benefit from these implementations and all which are to come.

Our commitment to this message is intimately built around our offering, business, and culture.


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