The Z24 wireless zone controller is designed to replace outdated VVT, VAV, pneumatic, and dual duct systems. The Z24 is a rooftop AHU//HVAC controller that can communicate with up to twenty-four zones over Pelican's powerful wireless mesh network. The Z24 utilizes intelligent built-in algorithms to deliver comfort, energy efficiency, and safety unlike anything available for zoning before.

Wireless AHU Controller - Up to 24 Zones




Take a Look on the Inside




Save money, with built-in Intelligence

Upgrading to Pelican's zoning solution provides a centralized management tool to manage all your building zones. With your new Pelican control platform, you can accurately schedule thermostats to run based on true real-time demand.


Pelican's solution has built-in intelligence to further enhance energy reduction. Because every Pelican zone thermostat can directly communicate with the Z24, it can utilize an algorithm that resets AHU outputs to properly trend the temperature in each building space. This allows Pelican to deliver a controlled, comfortable, and safe environment from the AHU right down to the zone level.


Know how your HVAC System runs Inside and Out

Pelican's zoning solution gives you central management as well as centralized historical trend data. Pelican tracks everything that happens in your system in real-time, going on in your entire system. So, when there is a complaint you can quickly  identify the problem.


Items Pelican Tracks:


Space Temperature

Temperature Set Points

Space Demand (Heat & Cool)

Discharge Temperature

Return Temperature

Outside Air Temperature

Unit Output (Heat & Cool)

Stages Active (Heat & Cool)

Fan Running

Static Pressure

Bypass Damper Position

VFD Speed

Economizer Damper Position




How it all comes together.


No communication wire required. The Z24 controls the HVAC unit and communicates with each Pelican Thermostat over Pelican's wireless mesh network. Using real-time communication, the Z24 correctly stages the HVAC unit to provide A/C or heat to zones on demand. Pelican Thermostats (TS200, TS200H, TS250, or TS250H) open and close 24 VAC damper actuators to bring the right conditioned air into each space.


The Wireless Module is used to communicate between the Z24 and its zones. One Z24 Wireless Module can communicate with up to twenty-four zones. It is removable allowing for ease of placement.
Included with the Z24 is 20 feet of tubing and a static pressure sensor. The Z24 will modulate either a bypass or variable speed fan to maintain a target supply static based on readings and configured settings.
Three configurable temperature inputs are provided to track supply, return, outside, or boiler temperatures. Probes are included with purchase of the Z24.
A1 and A2 are 0 - 10VDC outputs for Bypass, Variable Speed Fan, and/or Economizer control

The Z24 provides complete static management, with built-in restart safeties. It also provides complete economizer control with economizer position feedback and fault detection.
Y, W, G, W2, Y2, W3, Y3 - 24VAC Outputs

6H/6C Heat Pump or Conventional unit control.
The Z24 uses an intelligent built-in algorithm to actively decide how to stage up and down the AHU to maintain a proper discharge temperature based off true zone demand.
The Z24 can be installed inside the HVAC unit where it can easily be wired to control the air handler. The Z24 will properly stage up and down the AHU for both maintaining the correct discharge temperature and static pressure.
The wireless antenna is installed outside the HVAC unit or down in the building. The antenna cannot communicate through metal, so it is designed to easily be installed where metal will not block its signal. Once installed it will communicate with the Pelican Thermostats
A Pelican Thermostat (TS200, TS200H, TS250, TS250H) can control a 24VAC two-position or floating damper actuator. The Pelican thermostat is wired directly to the actuator.
The Pelican Thermostat (TS200, TS200H, TS250, TS250H) installed in the space is monitoring temperature and demand. It intelligently learns how its space reacts to the outputs of the HVAC unit. The Pelican thermostat continually communicating with the Z24 to make sure it is receiving the conditioned air it needs to keep its space comfortable.
The Pelican Gateway (GW400) must be installed to connect the Pelican devices to the Internet. From the Pelican Web App you will configure, monitor, and manage your entire zoned system.

Online Management and Fault Detection


Configure the Z24 right from the Pelican Web App. Managing your entire zoned system from the Internet puts comfort right into your hands. When a failure occurs, you receive an emailed or text alarm, directing you to your system and the issue. You can immediately identify the problem and make resolutions proactively.  

Responsive Demand Management


The Z24 communicates wirelessly with each zone thermostat supplied by the AHU. With this communication link, the Z24 can dynamically adjust the output required by the AHU to condition each zone correctly. With continuous trend analysis and feedback, the Pelican solution optimizes comfort, safety, air quality, and energy reduction for your zoned environment.

Responsive Static Management


With a built-in static input, the Z24 can monitor duct static pressure to optimize the target static within you system. The Z24 offers 0-10 outputs for either a Variable Speed Fan or Bypass Damper. Safeties are provided for both high and low static to protect the duct work, coils, and AHU.


Historical Usage Tracking


With Internet connectivity, the Z24 provides real-time and historical information about the AHU's operation. Using the Z24 historical graphs, you can pinpoint issues and resolutions without even stepping on site. You save on the time and energy required to solve problems when they occur.


Advance Temperature Management


The Z24 monitors demand from each zone. It calculates the temperature output required by the AHU to maintain indoor comfort correctly. This logic delivers peace of mind as the system can identify and determine how to automatically adjust to best meet a building's needs.


Responsive Economizer Logic


The Z24 uses built-in advanced logic to analyze outside air temperature, space temperature, CO2 levels (if using a TS250), space demand, and VFD speed to modulate the outside air damper correctly. Logic and control adds energy efficiency, air quality, and comfort to the building's climate.



Simple Installation


You can easily install the Z24 close to the AHU so it becomes a controller. This eliminates the need to run wire between the Z24 and the HVAC unit. There is ZERO communication wire required to the zones. Each zone thermostat communicates to the Z24 wirelessly. Making retrofit easy and affordable.



Hardwire: 24VAC, 60Hz; 50mA

Voltage Rating: 23 - 30VAC





Coventional 24VAC

R, RC, W, W2, W3, Y, Y2, Y3, G, G2, C


S1: 0-10 VDC in (Actuator Position)

S2: 0-10 VDC in (Future Use)

T1: 10K Type 11 Probe (Supply Air)

T2: 10K Type II Probe (Return Air)

T3: 10K Type II Probe (Outside Air)

Static Pressure: Low and High direct input for static probes


Zone Controller:

Height: 5.25 inch (133 mm)

Width: 8 inch (203 mm)

Depth: 2 inch (51 mm)



24VAC gas, electric, boiler, or oil heating systems

Conventional or Heat Pump Units

Six Stage of Heat and Cool

DX Coils or Cool Water Valve

Dual Duct

Max Twenty-Four Zones *Bypass is not counted as a zone



Temperature Detection: -20 deg. F to 180 deg. F

Static Pressure: 0.0WC to 8.0WC

Relay Current: 1.0A running


A1: 0-10 VDC out

A2: 0-10 VDC out

Heat Pump 24VAC

R, RC, W (O/B), W2 (AUX), W3, Y, Y2, Y3, G, G2, C

System Protections

Four minute compressor short cycle protection

Automatic High and Low Limit Discharge Temperature Safety Reset Cycle

Automatic High and Low Limit Static Pressure Safety Reset Cycle

Minimum Supply and Return Air Differential Alarm and Reset

Automatic Supply Temperature Reset

Automatic Static Reset


Wireless Antenna:

Height: 3.5 inch (89 mm)

Width: 4. 5 inch (114.3 mm)

Depth: 1 inch (25.4 mm)



Installation Instructions 


Product Specification


Z24 Datasheet

Single Duct: Z24 Application/Engineering Guides



Dual Duct: Z24 Application/Engineering Guides


Zone Damper Thermostat: Application/Engineering Guides

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What's in the box? 


Find out what's in the box when you purchase a Z24 Zone Controller.



Temperature Only


Temperature and CO2

Temperature, Humidity, & CO2







Temperature and Alarm Sensor 


Power Control Module

Wireless Proximity Sensor