The TS200 is a commercial grade thermostat designed for familiarity, simplicity, and intuitiveness. With its Online management, configuration, and scheduling, you take control of all aspects of your building's comfort and efficiency levels. Begin reducing energy use and increasing comfort levels throughout your facility today.

Internet Programmable Thermostat (TS200)

Temperature Only




The KING of commercial comfort.

A thermostat to rule them all. The Pelican TS200 is the first web-enabled thermostat designed specifically for the commercial market. With full virtual access, monitoring, and management you it gives you a  portal into building climate control unlike ever before.

Limited Wire Friendly

Pelican delivered an industry changing solution when it introduced a simple way to deal with limited thermostat wire. With only three wires, the Pelican TS200 can control up to 2H/2C conventional or 3H/2C heat pump HVAC units. Never pay for unnecessary wires to be run or extra equipment. Pelican saves you time and money with equipment designed to be retrofit friendly.




Automated Wireless Connection

Because we integrate our advanced wireless mesh network into every thermostat, there is ZERO wireless setup required. No passwords to enter or complex connection processes to go through. Thermostats automatically connect to each other and back to the Pelican Gateway (GW400). Easy plug and play technology with no WiFi interference or requirement.


The Wiring Module (WM500) 

The WM500 comes with every Pelican TS200 purchased. Ideal for installation where there is limited wiring between the HVAC unit and thermostat. Simply remove the WM500, install it inside the HVAC unit, and use (3) standard unshielded wires between to wire up to the TS200. Simple.



Online Management


The TS200 automatically connects wirelessly to a Pelican Wireless Gateway (GW400) installed at the customer's site. With the TS200 connected to the Internet, manage all configuration, scheduling, and system operation right from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Complete control at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Alarm Notifications


Every TS200 monitors its own space in real-time. Through advanced diagnostic and reporting capabilities, the TS200 will let you know when you HVAC system fails. Now you can quickly determine issues to resolve problems.

Controlled User Access


Administrators have complete control over thermostats and can add or delete other Administrators or Users to the Pelican Web App. Users are managed by Administrators and have settable restrictions for what type of control they have over thermostats in your building. This gives ultimate flexibility over who controls what.


Easy Installation


The TS200 installs the same way as any stand-alone programmable thermostat. It connects to the HVAC unit using standard thermostat wire. But, Pelican went one step further. The TS200 only requires (3) wires to connect it to the HVAC unit for up to 2H/2C conventional or 3H/2C heat pump management. Meaning, you will never have to pull wire to install the Pelican thermostat.


Energy Efficency


Internet connection gives you real-time knowledge based on exactly how every thermostat operates in your building. You can create schedules for managing each space, or create Group Schedules for sharing between multiple thermostats. With real control right at your fingertips, saving money while increasing comfort is now simple and efficient.


Historical Trend Data


Every TS200 tracks trend data in real-time so you can visually see exactly how your spaces are operating at any moment of the day. This data is accessible Online for up to 2 years for every thermostat. The TS200 also tracks Usage Data, so you can now lean how much energy is allocated to just the HVAC vs. other building electrical loads.


Hardwire: 24VAC, 60Hz; 50mA

Voltage Rating: 23 - 30VAC

Relay Current: 1.0A running





Conventional Unit 

R: 24VAC

C: Neutral

Rc: 2nd 24VAC Transformer

Y: 1st Stage Cool

W: 1st Stage Heat

Y2: 2nd Stage Cool

W2: 2nd Stage Heat

G: Fan

Heat Pump Unit 

R: 24VAC

C: Neutral

Rc: 2nd 24VAC Transformer

Y: 1st Stage Compressor

W: (O/B) Reversing Valve

Y2: 2nd Stage Compressor

W2: AUX Heat

G: Fan

Single Duct Damper Actuator

R: 24VAC

C: Neutral

Rc: 2nd 24VAC Transformer

Y: 24VAC Damper Open

W: 24VAC Reheat

Y2 - 24VAC Damper Close

Duel Duct Damper Actuator

R: 24VAC

C: Neutral

Rc: 2nd 24VAC Transformer

Y: 24VAC Cool Damper Open

W: 24VAC Heat Damper Open

Y2: 24VAC Cool Damper Close

W2: 24VAC Heat Damper Close


Height: 3.5 inch (89 mm)

Width: 5.97 inch (150 mm)

Depth: 1.5 inch (38 mm)


Thermostat Range

Operating Range: -4 deg. F to 122 deg. F

Differential Temperature: +/- 0.5 deg. F

Operating Humidity (% RH): 5 to 90%; non-condensing

Storage Temperature: -20 deg. F to 160 deg. F


System Protection

Thermostat Front Plate Tamper Proof Security Screw

Four Minute Compressor Short Cycle Protection

Temporary Schedule Override

Thermostat Keypad Lockout

Trend Data Analytic and Fault Monitoring

Auxiliary/Emergency Heat Efficiency Algorithm

UL Certified



Installation Instructions 



Product Specification


Application/Engineering Guides


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What's in the box? 


Find out what's in the box when you purchase a TS200 Internet Programmable Thermostat.

How to remove and install Pelican's three-wire module


Watch to learn how to remove the WM500 wiring module from a Pelican thermostat, and install it into a PEARL Economizer Controller.



Temperature and Alarm Sensor 


PEARL Economizer

Wireless Proximity Sensor



Temperature and Humidity


Temperature and CO2

Temperature, Humidity, & CO2