Hotels have a unique environment for providing climate control. With a requirement for hundreds of individually controlled guest rooms, conserving energy, while providing exceptional guest comfort is a big challenge. Leveraging Pelican's one of a kind Property Management System Interface with Pelican's Wireless Energy Management Solution, hotels can now achieve a new level of energy management. Our innovative technology reduces energy consumption beyond the possibilities offered by alternative solutions.

Hotel PMS Interface




How it works

Pelican's PMS interface takes advantage of two easily measured conditions found at hotels: Occupancy Rate and Average Nights Stay. When a room is checked-out, the Pelican solution immediately sets the thermostat in that room to a deep economy setting. When the room is checked-in, the thermostat automatically brings it back to a comfort setting. This achieves an average of 30% HVAC savings with ZERO negative guest impact.




Marriott International Study

For years Marriott has relied on occupancy sensor thermostats for guest room HVAC controls. Early 2014, Marriott International, with the driving force of Host Hotel Groups, evaluated Pelican’s approach to guest room HVAC energy management.


Marriott used a third-party, InKeep Energy, for the evaluation. The brief was to test, analyze, and validate whether Pelican met strict energy reduction and return on investment requirements for their properties. 


Pelican was approved by Marriott International in 2015. Pelican is the first approved solution by Marriott International that does not rely on occupancy sensors to reduce guest room HVAC costs. The study looked at three unique properties across the US using Pelican. InKeep Energy evaluated savings and the value of Pelican’s reporting, historical data, and alarm notifications vs. stand-alone thermostats. The average HVAC energy reduction using Pelican was 30%. It found the value of Pelican's front-end energy management platform dramatically outweighed a stand-alone occupancy sensor thermostat.






guest checks-in



comfort setting



economy setting



guest checks-out


Set the Pelican system to anticipate guest arrival. It tracks room check-ins and the HVAC responds accordingly automatically. Using this data, Pelican can help adjust settings to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency with no impact on guest comfort. 

When rooms are checked in, the Pelican system automatically adjusts the room thermostat to a comfort setting. No guest ever arrives into an uncomfortable environment.

As the guest accommodates the hotel room, their thermostats will retain the temperature setting the guest desires. There are configurable limit ranges for the thermostats, to help reduce guests from setting temperatures below or above a property approved energy efficient set point.

When rooms are checked out, the Pelican system automatically sets the room thermostat to an economy setting. Normally this setting is a deep set back to save an average of 90-100% of the HVAC run-time while the room is checked out.  



Online Fault Detection & Diagnostics


With full virtual management, the Pelican hospitality solution monitors each hotel guest space and will notify you if any of your units are not properly maintaining their climate zone.

Responsive Logic


As your property uses the Pelican solution you will be able to see trends on how your rooms heat and cool through-out the day. Using this high resolution data, proper business decisions can be made on how rooms should be set to maintain proper comfort for all your guests.

Demand Control Set-Backs


With Pelican you know when rooms are most likely to be checked-in and checked-out. Through this knowledge you can properly set anticipation settings so guests are always comfort when they reach their room, while still allowing your property to save energy.


Performance Comparison Reports


The Pelican hospitality solution utilizes a unique data analysis feature to be able to calculate the performance level of each guest room HVAC unit. This performance reports allows your engineer staff to make good decisions when planning to replace or repair HVAC units through-out your property.


Simple Installation


The Pelican solution is the easiest hospitality management solution to install on the market. No wires need to be ran, no complex wireless to setup, and no occupancy sensors to install. Simply replace your existing thermostats, install a single Pelican gateway, and a single PMS interface and you are done. Plug and play.





Temperature Only


Temperature and CO2

Temperature, Humidity, & CO2








Temperature and Alarm Sensor 


Power Control Module

Wireless Proximity Sensor