Revolutionize your school's HVAC systems with cutting-edge technology.

Simplify your school's climate management system with Pelican Wireless and say goodbye to complex and expensive third-party systems.

Smarter HVAC Management
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Your Buildings. Your Control.

The Future of School District Climate Management is here.

Gain complete campus wide management with ease.

Navigate between multiple buildings, across campuses, around district, and between rooms with ease.

Make real-time adjustments through the Pelican app.

Adjust any room’s temperature, humidity level, ventilation rates, equipment operations, and more.

Optimized equipment and occupied and unoccupied schedules.

Schedule rooms on individual bases or share common schedules between multiple spaces.

Trusted by 30,000+ customers across North America.

You shouldn't be dependent on 3rd parties.


Your current solution strips away your control and handcuffs you to a third-party vendor.
Outdate on-site access, having to roll a truck to troubleshoot issues, and the inability to make immediate changes without a phone call to your controls vendor... Your current solution really doesn't put you in control.


Your current system keeps costing your district time and money with no return on your investment.
Inability to quickly respond to the comfort of your students, teachers, and faculty. Funds going to obsolete controllers or paying hourly for 3rd party support... Lets change the dynamic and put money where it can help.


Your current system is overly complex and requires outdated customization and lack of a virtual interface.
Traditional systems are not fast and reliable or remote accessible. They have slow and complicated communication structures that reduce your ability to respond. And all the custom programming that you are "not allowed to touch". Lets make this your system, not theirs.

Lets put your district back into control.

What We Do

The Pelican solution helps your district take back control of their indoor climates while removing relying on 3rd parties to get things done. And its a lot easier and less expensive than you think!

Examples of where Pelican can help you.


Heating & Cooling




Water Plants

Take Control


Single space and multi-zone equipment, no matter the size Pelican delivers.

Maintain proper ventilation rates and CO2 levels. Pelican has the solution.

Boilers, chillers, cooling towers, pumps and more running to meet the load of your facilities.

Lights, refrigeration, freezers exhaust fans, pumps, and other HVAC systems?

Contact us and we can help with your application needs.

Regain control of your climate systems and ensure comfort.

The Pelican solution has been installed across thousands of districts just like yours. Our innovative solution hands the power back to the facilities and operation management teams. Now you can track your climate systems, make necessary and immediate adjustments, and better understand how your facilities are operating.

Districts being empowered by Pelican

Tens of Thousands Use Pelican Everyday

The Pelican solution has been installed into hundreds of thousands of locations across the US and Canada.

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In todays world how should you choose the right climate management solution?

Make sure the solution you are getting puts you in control. Has a powerful app that can be used from your smart phone. Runs in real-time with fast speeds. Has no continual costs, obsolescence schedules, or require long learning curves. And offers control solutions for all your district applications. It is time to break free from the handcuffs of traditional controls.

Let's Talk Pelican

Reach out to one of our controls experts and they will help guide you on how Pelican Wireless can help.

Interested to learn more?
We'd love to connect.

Interested to learn more?
We'd love to connect.

Heating & Cooling Management

Providing extreme flexibility, Pelican offers controllers with advanced learning algorithms.

Equipment Control: All the major brands and less known equipment manufacturers, Pelican has a controller.

Optimized Economization: Take advantage of outdoor air for free cooling and know you are not unintentionally mixing outdoor air at the wrong times.

PID Modulation Sequence: From variable speed fans, modulating heating and cooling elements, to exhaust management. Pelican has the sensors, sequences, and logic to help you.

Regulating Ventilation Rates

The Pelican solution lets you optimizer your ventilation equipment.

Use the Pelican dashboard to schedule when spaces receive ventilation and confirm your equipment is operating correctly. This can either be by managing individual outside dampers or multiple make-up airs.

Looking to understand and manage to CO2 levels? Pelican offers one of the most advanced solutions to manage, regulate, and alarm based on CO2 readings.

Plant Management

Providing extreme flexibility, Pelican offers controllers with advanced learning algorithms.

Reset plant equipment to maintain specific water temperatures, verify isolation valves are operate, monitor and restrict to flow rates, and retain all plant safeties with full graphic feedback.

And it does not stop there. Enable and disable multiple equipment, setup lead/lag timers, and utilize multiple pumps to maintain flow or pressure targets.

Pelican offers both advanced controllers and web connectivity, so you can get a handle across your entire district.