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What do the symbols on a Pelican thermostat’s display mean?
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TS200, TS200H, TS250 and TS250H Symbols

These symbols would be displayed in the upper left hand corner of your thermostat and are used to help troubleshoot a potential issue or notify you of an active function.

  • O O (2 Dots) = Thermostat has found a Pelican Wireless Mesh Network, but is unable to communicate with the Internet.
  • X O (X with 1 Dot) = Thermostat cannot find a Pelican Wireless Mesh Network.
  • X (X with No Dots) = Thermostat is unable to communicate with its wiring module (WM500, WM700).
  • O Blinking (1 Dot Blinking) = Thermostat upgrade is in progress.
  • O Solid (1 Dot Solid) = Thermostat is operating in vacation set times.
  • O Blinking (1 Dot Blinking) = CO₂ level is above configured CO₂ Warning Level. (TS250 and TS250H only)