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Provided Software

Because the API uses standard protocols, there are no restriction on what type of systems or software may access the Pelican system. The client software simply establishes a secure (SSL) connection to their private web server address and initiates an http request. To further simplify access to the API, Pelican has developed a Perl module which provides an easy to use wrapper which gives Perl developers an even more simplified interface to the API. This Perl module can also be used by developers as a reference on how to construct valid requests and how to process API responses.

Contact Pelican Technical Support to request a copy of the Perl module.

Example script using Pelican ClimateControl Perl module:

					// request token from mysites.
 #!/usr/bin/perl -w

use ClimateControl;

my $username = '';
my $password = 'my-password';
my $website = '';

my $cc = new ClimateControl($username, $password, $website);

my $objectType = 'Sites';
my $selectionAttributes = {
	'name' => 'my-site-name'
my $requestedAttributes = [
my $data = $cc->getAttributes($objectType, $selectionAttributes, $requestedAttributes);
	print "Failed to get the list of sites - $data->{message}";
	exit 1;
my $list = $data->{Sites};
foreach my $site (@$list)
	print "The token for site $site->{name} is $site->{token}\n";