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How do I set up Multi-Factor Authentication?

To configure Enhanced Site Security, you must be an Admin of that site.

How to enable Enhanced Site Security

  1. Log into your Pelican App and navigate to a specific site. (not mysites)
  2. Select Admin.
  3. Select User Management.
  4. Select Menu
  5. Select Security Settings

Password Complexity and 2FA

Minimum Password Length can range from 8 – 16 characters.

Minimum Password Requirements

When a user updates their password after the complexity has changed, the update form will present the requirements for the user to meet when creating a new password.

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication can be either Required or User Settable per-site. User Settable allows the administrator to enable two factor authentication for specific users, while required enforces it for all users.

If a user has Two Factor Authentication enabled, they must add their phone number to their user profile, with which they can receive text messages.

Note: Adjusting these settings on an existing site does not backwards-implement these security features on users that have already been authenticated. A site Admin will need to reset passwords for their users to enforce new security settings.
A user can reset their password and change their phone number in their User Profile Settings

MySites Behavior

If a user logs in to MySites using their credentials from a site with lower complexity, they will be required to authenticate again when trying to enter a site with greater authentication complexity.
It is strongly recommended that authentication complexity is kept the same across all sites in an organization. This will help users avoid needing to re-authenticate often.